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Contemporary dance company based between France and Luxembourg 

under the artistic direction of Laura AREND 

Through committed, demanding dance and sensitive virtuosity of the body, the choreographer summons our collective cultural memory.

The experience of a physical and metaphorical journey is central to her choreographic work.

Laura Arend pursues her commitment to socio-cultural issues by reinforcing on stage the status of the emancipated, free and powerful woman.

Laura AREND 

 Laura Arend joined the Conservatoire National Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (CNSMDL), then the Jeune Ballet. In 2009, she was accepted into the Merce Cunningham Studio in the USA. She left New York in 2011 to join the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC) in Israel.

She choreographed with LAC  the shows YAMA, FIVE, ANNA, YIRO ,MIDAS and LEON.

Laura was commissioned to create short pieces for the Jeune Ballet Européen, the Jeune Ballet d'Aquitaine and the Conservatoire of Amiens. She was also commissioned by the Tel-Aviv Museum of Contemporary Art to create a performance to mark the centenary of the Dada movement.

In 2023, Laura takes part of the evening curated by Kammertballetten. 

A shared evening with Paul Lightfoot and Ella Rotshchild. 


In parallel with her choreographic work, Laura makes herself available for various experiences: she dances in Valérie Donzelli's feature film "Notre Dame", in 2019 and takes part in events such as the Opéra National de Paris under the direction of Dimitri Chamblas and poses for the editorial of Gala magazine. She collaborates with LA HORDE for the runway of Isabel Marant during Paris Fashion Week. 

As a performer she also works choreographer Jill Crovisier and Axelle Lagier

Laura Arend is the founder of GALA HOPE. A charity dance gala.

In 2024, she created the solo MAGNUS for Marie-Agnes Gillot. 


AFM Téléthon

Art Danse / CDC Dijon Bourgogne

centre chorégraphique de rennes et de bretagne

Centre de création chorégraphique luxembourgeois

centre national de  la danse de lyon 

collectif faire

conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de lyon 

Direction Régionale Artistique et Culturelle du  Grand Est

institut français de bombay 

jeune ballet européen

jeune ballet d’aquitaine

kibbutz contemporary dance village


Le Point Ephémère - paris

Micadanses - paris

Office Culturel Communautaire Gouvy de Freyming-Merlebach

Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Mouvement Contemporain

Région Grand Est

services culturels de l’Ambassade d’Israël en France

scène nationale du carreau  forbach


Tanzfestival Biefeld 

Ville de Dijon

Ville de Freyming- Merlebach


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